Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can one communicate while complying with the new rules of transportation?

Do you read or send messages while driving? Are you conscious of transportation safety laws that the US administration imposed on texting while driving? Now, when it is clear to almost everyone that the use of mobile phones while driving is a major cause of many accidents, it is not understandable that why people seem to ignore this problem and still take pleasure in sending or receiving messages.

As a result of the many crashes caused by TWD which has been showed in many reports, most of the US states had banned it and the rest are heading towards banning it. But the question is that will the people obey these laws sincerely? Are they capable of leaving their habit of texting behind? As found in a survey, most of the people want to use hands-free devices for communication while driving.

If you are one of them who need specific safety measures to communicate while driving, can help you. It is a free mobile app which lets you to enjoy listening to SMS/emails and responding back to them without requiring you to touch the phone. What’s more, it is so light in weight that it doesn’t decelerate the battery of your phone.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The distracted driving statistics will compel you to obey safety regulations

Owing to the dangerous statistics caused by a menace of texting while driving, many states of US had banned such behavior to maintain the security of the citizens. The reports reveal that approximately 5000 people were departed their life and several thousands were wounded in traffic crashes due to driver diversion last year.
Numerous campaigns have been organizing to discuss the dangers of distracted driving owing to the use of cell phones while driving. Moreover, many transportation safety laws have been imposed by the most of the US states to ban such type of behavior. As founded in a survey, most of people were against texting while driving although in their view, communication with hands-free devices can be permitted.
Worried at reports concerning texting-allied car accidents, the has come up as a terrific solution for those who just can’t wait to read or send message while driving. It is a new launched hands-free application by which you do not need to use your hands and divert your concentration of eyes to communicate. It allows you to hear your messages and reply back to them through your pre-generated messages. So just download it onto your mobile phone and enjoy staying connected with your loved ones while safe driving.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are the laws helpful in declining the rate of accidents?

A few years ago, having a mobile phone was considered as a status symbol retained for the privileged people. But nowadays, everyone looks busy talking or texting on his/her mobile phone. From kids to their grandparents, everyone has his own cell phone to communicate. The launch of cheaper apparatus and very reasonable monthly bills has made these gadgets accessible to almost anyone who wants it.

Everybody knows that innumerable vehicle accidents are the result of distracted driving which is majorly caused by the use of mobile phones while driving. While talking or texting on phone, people seem to forget that they are driving a vehicle and a little mistake can bring in serious injuries to them or the others on the road.

Though many transportation safety laws are imposed by almost all states of US to prohibit the mobile phone use specifically texting while driving, but do you think that they will help in lowering the rate of accidents? These laws are helpful so far as the people obey these laws and restrict their habit of texting while driving.

However, there is one more method by which you can go for safe driving without missing your important messages., which is a hands-free app, allows you to communicate without risking your life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How can one comply with the new rules of transportation?

Owing to the increasing danger of texting while driving, the administration of US is imposing many new laws of transportation which prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Although it has become very important to impose a ban on such kind of behavior which is responsible for many fatal accidents, however, sometimes the circumstances do not allow us to restrict ourselves from communicating. So what should be an alternative for safe driving in such circumstances? How one can be able to comply with the new rules and regulations of transportation while communicating?

About 22 states of US had already banned the use of mobile phones while driving while others are thinking to continue in the same way. The people who were feared of the security of their loved ones supported this ban extensively. However most of them settled on to communicate with the use of hands-free devices for safe driving.

If you are one of them who want to use hands-free devices to communicate while driving then can be a perfect app for you. It not allows you to communicate but also lets you to easily comply with the transportation safety laws. It will read out all your messages whenever they will hit on the phone.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

what is the role of transportation safety laws in declining the rate of accidents?

Have you ever realized how dangerous it could be when you send or receive messages while driving? Since the last few years, the public has been escalating dialogue about the matter of texting while driving. In a survey, 83% people said that they think that TWD should be banned, 40% would like to do with the precise safety guards and many would like to use hands-free devices for listening incoming messages and were opposed to typing and reading.
Recently, a woman was condemned to jail for 30 days because she was chattering on her phone while driving which resulted in a crash with an auto. Texting and the use of mobile phones have become the matter of a number of studies and most illustrate a straight connection of use of hand-held devices and crashes on the road. Although many transportation safety laws have been imposed by most of the states but do you think that these laws would be able to slow down the rate of accidents happening because of distracted driving owing to TWD.
As many laws restrict the use of hands-held devices while driving, however, hands-free devices can be used for communication. is such kind of application which allows you to communicate by reading sms/emails aloud and answering back to the sender.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Transportation safety laws will restrict you from texting while driving

Driving is an operation that necessitates extraordinary attentiveness and synchronization. Thus it is just unforgivable for any person to use a hand-held gadget to send emails/sms behind the wheel. This kind of irresponsibility has been the source of severe accidents and damages.
Now everyone is familiar with the fact that innumerable accidents have been reasoned by the drivers who have been sidetracked while texting or talking on their phones. The use of cell phones either it is talking or texting while driving is considered as a major source of distracted driving.
Many states of US are moving to impose laws to ban TWD (texting while driving). However it is up to the citizens how they obey these transportation safety laws. These laws are merely to provide security to citizens. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of everyone to follow these laws for the sake of many lives.
The people who just can’t stop themselves from communicating even if they are driving, there is a solution in the form of a new mobile app It is an application which can be easily downloaded to your phone and will make you listen to your messages and respond to them through your pregenerated messages.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New rules and regulations for safety of drivers

It was January 2010 when the Trans-portation Secretary of US, Ray LaHood declared a provisio-nal ban on texting while driving. This ban was concerned to commercial truck drivers and bus drivers in case if the truck is above 10,000 pounds. If not complied with, the drivers could face general as well as criminal consequences if involved in TWD or if caught up in an accident.

In April 2010, since the ban was supported and approved extensively, the Department of Transportation projected to make the ban everlasting.

The District of Columbia along with twenty states has already proclaimed TWD illegal in addition to these nine states contain some limitations for the adolescent drivers. Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey and Charles Schumer from New York introduced national legislation to insist on states to go by rules for prohibiting texting by all vehicle drivers

Now since it is a well-known fact that TWD is a main cause of distracted driving and leads to accidents, it would be merely silliness if we still not obey transportation safety laws.

However, there can be a chance to communicate while driving and obeying these laws at the same time. is a free mobile app which allows you to hear text messages and respond to them without needing you to touch the phone.