Thursday, July 15, 2010

what is the role of transportation safety laws in declining the rate of accidents?

Have you ever realized how dangerous it could be when you send or receive messages while driving? Since the last few years, the public has been escalating dialogue about the matter of texting while driving. In a survey, 83% people said that they think that TWD should be banned, 40% would like to do with the precise safety guards and many would like to use hands-free devices for listening incoming messages and were opposed to typing and reading.
Recently, a woman was condemned to jail for 30 days because she was chattering on her phone while driving which resulted in a crash with an auto. Texting and the use of mobile phones have become the matter of a number of studies and most illustrate a straight connection of use of hand-held devices and crashes on the road. Although many transportation safety laws have been imposed by most of the states but do you think that these laws would be able to slow down the rate of accidents happening because of distracted driving owing to TWD.
As many laws restrict the use of hands-held devices while driving, however, hands-free devices can be used for communication. is such kind of application which allows you to communicate by reading sms/emails aloud and answering back to the sender.


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