Friday, August 20, 2010

The distracted driving statistics will compel you to obey safety regulations

Owing to the dangerous statistics caused by a menace of texting while driving, many states of US had banned such behavior to maintain the security of the citizens. The reports reveal that approximately 5000 people were departed their life and several thousands were wounded in traffic crashes due to driver diversion last year.
Numerous campaigns have been organizing to discuss the dangers of distracted driving owing to the use of cell phones while driving. Moreover, many transportation safety laws have been imposed by the most of the US states to ban such type of behavior. As founded in a survey, most of people were against texting while driving although in their view, communication with hands-free devices can be permitted.
Worried at reports concerning texting-allied car accidents, the has come up as a terrific solution for those who just can’t wait to read or send message while driving. It is a new launched hands-free application by which you do not need to use your hands and divert your concentration of eyes to communicate. It allows you to hear your messages and reply back to them through your pre-generated messages. So just download it onto your mobile phone and enjoy staying connected with your loved ones while safe driving.

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