Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can one communicate while complying with the new rules of transportation?

Do you read or send messages while driving? Are you conscious of transportation safety laws that the US administration imposed on texting while driving? Now, when it is clear to almost everyone that the use of mobile phones while driving is a major cause of many accidents, it is not understandable that why people seem to ignore this problem and still take pleasure in sending or receiving messages.

As a result of the many crashes caused by TWD which has been showed in many reports, most of the US states had banned it and the rest are heading towards banning it. But the question is that will the people obey these laws sincerely? Are they capable of leaving their habit of texting behind? As found in a survey, most of the people want to use hands-free devices for communication while driving.

If you are one of them who need specific safety measures to communicate while driving, can help you. It is a free mobile app which lets you to enjoy listening to SMS/emails and responding back to them without requiring you to touch the phone. What’s more, it is so light in weight that it doesn’t decelerate the battery of your phone.


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